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Turnkey Data Centers

Dramatically reduce upfront investment when fitting out existing buildings as new, resilient, high performance Data Centers.

Cannon Data Campus

Cannon Data Campus range offers two major advantages :-

*Exceptional financial advantages for investors.

*Greatly improved facility performance across all critical operational metrics.

Financial Advantages – Cannon Data Campus provides an investor friendly business.

The historical and painful requirement for big bang upfront investment is replaced
by phased, “pay-as-you-earn” investment.


Cannon Data Campus is available in a range of user options.

Single User, enterprise floor plans

Multi user, segregated access to individual Data Halls

SINGLE USER, SINGLE ENTERPRISE FACILITY – In this configuration, all individual Data Halls and aisles are accessible by authorised personnel.

MULTI USER FACILITY – The Multi User facility provides physical and electronic access control to individual Data Halls and to specific Aisles, enabling segregated and highly secure
regimes to be operated with positive security and full remote monitoring and alarms via “Cannon Secure”, a module within Cannon DCIM.

Security levels can be scaled up to extreme protection, to protect against extreme threats.

MIXED USE – The Modular nature of this design enables a mix of single user and segregated multi user , in any floor plan .


Cannon Data Campus offers the option of two build technologies :

*Modular Build

*Granular Build

The best of breed internal operational infrastructure is identical for each iteration and therefore provides the same level of high performance. Both versions also enable phased
increments of expansion, from small initial deployments growing to large Multi-megawatt Data Centre facilities.

The difference between these two systems is in the way that the main structure is manufactured and delivered;

MODULAR BUILD utilises large factory built modules which can be extensively pre-configured with Data Centre equipment prior to shipment.

At site, modules are manoeuvred with a crane or lifting equipment and quickly mated with each other to form the Data Campus. The modular blocks provide baying and stacking

Modules can include:

*Fire monitoring, alarm and suppression systems

*Entrance, security, convenience, common rooms

*CCTV surveillance and security

*Adiabatic and Evaporative Cooling

*Water / DX Dry Cool Chillers

*Generator modules/skids

Benefits include :-
*Reduced Capex
*Lower Opex
*Early Profit
*Less exposure to slow growth, financial losses
*Greater return on capital employed

GRANULAR BUILD utilises factory produced hand portable precision components that are rapidly assembled, on site using hand portable tools.

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Cannon Globe Trotter

“Cannon GLOBE TROTTER” rapid deployment comprises the small capacity, transportable Modular Data Centre range which is complimentary to “Cannon Data Campus”
multi-megawatt modular facilities.

Cannon Technologies is a world-leading provider of large and small energy-efficient, modular data centre infrastructure solutions, professional services,
and technical support.

Our products have been designed, developed and widely used to reduce the high costs and risks associated with traditional data centre construction,
recognizing the benefits of a fully end-to-end modular ‘building-block’ approach to data centre infrastructure. Cannon manufacture scalable, modular
data centeres for worldwide applications. These range from transportable small scale facilities to scalable, modular facilities housing hundreds of racks.

Cannon’s success lies in its team of skilled professionals whose depth of experience is unmatched, technology that sets the standard for the industry,
and an unwavering commitment to providing excellent support for its customers.


Cannon provides GLOBE TROTTER with the scalability, flexibility, and reliability to enable rapid delivery of a more efficient small data centre solution to
its customers.

Modules comprise:

*Complete System Solutions for IT Ready or Complete Turnkey Solutions for Disaster Recovery or Full operational use

*Power Modules providing LV power distribution from single to three phase

*Modular UPS Modules including battery strings on secure shelving with differing levels of autonomy

*Server & Storage system, modules including aisle containment for added energy efficiency

Modules can include:

*Fire monitoring, alarm and suppression systems

*Entrance, security, convenience, common rooms

*CCTV surveillance and security

*Adiabatic and Evaporative Cooling

*Water / DX Dry Cool Chillers

*Generator/Solar PV systems


*Network deployment that is 75% faster than
traditional Data Centre builds

*Improved scalability and flexibility

*Lower cost, Lower PUE

*Increased reliability and reduced downtime

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Cannon Globe Trotter – Soft Ride

With the ‘Soft Ride’ option, all of the attributes of the standard Globe Trotter facility are supplemented by a high performance shock absorbing system mounted within each IT equipment rack.

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Micro Data Centers

Where there is a requirement for standalone computing and communications, or highly resilient, multi mirroring of critical IT systems an ‘All In
One’ cabinet provides a life support package for your IT equipment.

Cooling may be by normal air cooling if available (with standard mesh doors front and rear).

If the ambient room or exterior air temperature is not suitable then Water or DX gas cooled heat exchangers may be employed to remove the
heat from sealed cabinets – also ensuring the security of the IT equipment within.

The solution is easy to transport and rapid to deploy.

“Security safes in different versions as physical protection for one or more server racks. A broad spectrum of additional equipment permits expansion of the safe into a fully-featured micro data centre.”


*High Performance Infrastructure providing;

*Reduced PUE


*Scalable platform modules

*Turn-key and IT ready options

*Pay-as-You-Grow modular design

*Rapidly Deployed

*Can incorporate 3rd party systems

*Future Proof advantages

*Extreme Power & Cooling


*Cannon is able to provide two levels of Turnkey delivery

*‘IT Ready’ Turnkey or ‘Full IT’ Turnkey

*’IT’ Ready Turnkey provides an operational facility which is powered, cooled, tested and commissioned ready for the client to install and commission their IT infrastructure within.

*‘Full IT’ Turnkey is provided when the client requires a fully operational Data Centre complete with fully functional IT infrastructure , ready to fulfil the end mission.


*Mini / Micro Data Centres are available with multiple options including:

*‘Entry level’: A cabinet with sound deadening and air control glands, Configured with a suitable cooling system ready for customer IT fit out.

*‘IT ready’: As above but complete with a UPS, PDU Strips and FM200 or Novec Fire Protection system inbuilt.

*Just fit your own servers & network switch.

*‘Turnkey’: As above plus your required servers and switches may be installed and preconfigured by our Cisco certified Engineers.

*‘Retrofit’: Existing cabinets may be converted to actively cooled micro data centre units with the addition of internal, side, roof or rear door mounted cooling units.

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Cannon Bespoke Data Centers

As a data centre design and build specialist, Cannon has proven experience and a strong track record in delivering new builds and upgrade projects within live environments.


Cannon provide a complete range of specialist design and installation services for data centres, server rooms and telecoms facilities. We can take care of everything
from consultation through to design, construction and commissioning, and we provide proactive insight and practical support throughout your technical environment’s life

Professional Repurpose, Refit, refurbish and upgrades

Technical fit out

Our many years’ experience of managing technical projects, plus our specialist M&E expertise, are key factors that enable us to make the fit-out of technical environments smooth and stress-free.

Technical refurbish

Cannon can undertake the entire refurbishment process. Our specialist technical expertise has been put to good use on many occasions.

Technical upgrades

We can review existing data centre facilities, then upgrade inefficient or end-of-life equipment with a more energy-efficient or superior-performing solutions.

Through performance and flexibility, we help our customers turn their business and technology brief into a performance specification. We promote early engagement, facilitating our customers through the audit, options, appraisal and concept design to ensure the complete development will address their specific needs and provide real value. Based on industry best practice and over 40 years of experience, our award-winning solutions have enabled customers to deploy some of the most efficient and high
density solutions in the world today.

Verified performance

With an established and proven approach to data centre design and build, Cannon helps customers to design their own facilities by taking advantage of our continued developed experience and knowledge. The principles of our design approach are based on simple but highly efficient technologies that deliver real value through the lifecycle of the facility. Our approach is developed to align with the overall strategy of each customer, ensuring we optimise every design and future fit-out at every stage.

Result focussed

We are flexible in our approach to design and project delivery, either as a single stage or two-stage procurement process, ensuring we can work with multiple client and third party teams. We engage as your consultant from the concept design through to the fit out of your data centre, this ensures the highest levels of quality and performance, with projects delivered on time and for a fixed price. Cannon achieve this by taking full responsibility for delivery and engineering with on-site dedicated teams focused on ensuring
the overall system performs to the highest level in testing and in operation.

If you are looking to repurpose, refit, design or complete a new build data centre, our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements..

Contact Cannon to discuss the many options available to you and your business on +44 (0) 1425 632600

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Experience, Resources & Skills

Cannon offers solutions for every environment. Our team of experienced engineers have over 40 years of product knowledge and are constantly striving to improve what is already among the most efficient and functional IT Infrastructure technologies available.


Our range of solutions are in use 24/7 by many of the world’s leading data providers including Finance, Education, Government and the Military.


True scalable solutions enable ‘Build as you Grow’ expansion of space and power from sub 3kw to more than 20kw per cabinet. Our extensive range of  racks and enclosures is complemented by aisle and pod layouts.

Ready To Go

A complete range of innovative, scalable, “ready to go” systems suitable for any modular or traditional data center.

Build As You Grow

True scalable solutions enable ‘Build as you Grow’ expansion of space and power from sub 3kw to more than 20kw per cabinet. Our extensive range of racks and enclosures is complemented by aisle and pod layouts. Our designs incorporate space saving sliding doors and an 'Active Aisle Roof' which transforms climate control within hot and cold aisles.

If you are interested to start a new data center project the best course of action would be to talk about the specifics with one of our engineers.

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