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Data Center Infrastructure

Our IT Solutions improve efficiency dramatically. Find out more about our Data Centre Infrastructure below.

Aisle Cocooning/Containment

Cannon provides Cocooning for every type of cooling concept

Data Centers Vary!

Cannon offer a range of Cocooning concepts to maximise cooling efficiency in all situations, these include:-

  • Single Rack Cocooning Chimneys
  • Vertical Cocooning
  • Cold or Hot Aisle Cocooning
  • Active or Passive Overhead, Aisle Cocooning Panels
  • Legacy Cocooning of old mixed type rack rows
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19″ Racks, Cabinets & Accessories

Cannon Technologies provides innovative infrastructure solutions for IT Equipment worldwide. Our extensive range of Racks, Cabinets, Patching Frames and Wall Boxes is complemented by a range of accessories to suit every requirement.

Cannon’s ground breaking aisle containment solutions are available as new build or retro-fit systems, encompassing 3rd party enclosures and devices.

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Air Management

Suitable for use with any ServerSmart, Smart Cab, or Smart Net cabinets

The Challenge

Even a fully populated cabinet can lose in the region of 50% of cooling air through escape routes which are outside the perimeter of the 19-inch equipment field. This causes massive wastage of cooling energy, increasing carbon footprint and reduces the cooling effect of the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC).

The Solution

Cannon’s Air Management solutions effectively closes these escape routes ensuring that cooling air flows only through the active equipment present in the cabinet. Significant energy savings can be achieved and the CRAC will be less stressed, improving efficiency.

The Air Management range includes:

  • Brush Gland For RAFts
  • Cabinet Base Plates
  • Floor Gland/Grommet
  • Infill Panel Mouldings
  • Blank Panels

Active liquid cooling solutions from Cannon Technologies

Whether you are looking to improve efficiency or install high density servers, your IT infrastructure can benefit from the modular design of these CannonCool solutions. Suitable for high-performance CPUs and equipment, they are designed to suit your application requirements. Allowance is made, for the conditions inside the rack or aisle, and also for the ambient conditions.

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Cable Management Solutions

A secure cable transport system that avoids messy installation. Rack-mounted cable raceway, avoids the need for a ceiling hung cable trays

Dramatically reduces installation costs and is mountable on the roof of any Cannon cabinet or Patching Frame matching the cabinet width. Cannon Raceway will connect to any number of racks or cabinets.

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A RAFt is an installation frame which is used under a cabinet, in place of a floor tile in raised floor installations, to provide extensive benefits.

No tile cutting needed – saving further cost and mess.

Features and Benefits

  • The RAFt sits on the pedestal heads integrating into the raised floor installation that can be bayed, just like cabinets. The system dramatically reduces installation time and costs compared to traditional installation methods.
  • No tile cutting needed – saving further cost and mess
  • Provides full width cable entry through base
  • Exceptional base air flow; can be sealed with Cannon diaphragm or brush strip
  • Increases rigidity of lateral movement of raised floor installation
  • Secures cabinet to pedestal system – no need for tie bars to the floor substrate
  • Allows minimised aisle widths and avoids cut tiles in aisle – even for 1000mm deep cabinets as tiles in aisle slide under cabinet
  • Tiles in aisle can be lifted due to clearance of raised cabinet base
  • RAFt available in Rear Overhang or Central mounting versions
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Cannon Aisle Cocooning

Hot and Cold Aisle Cocooning can both improve efficiency, however Cold Aisle Cocooning is more efficient for three key reasons: Cold Aisle Containment enables a faster response to sudden heat increase. The cold air does not escape but is contained directly at the server inlet zone. Hot Aisle Containment allows cold air to spill out, cutting efficiency and consuming extra energy.

If you are interested in our IT solutions, the best course of action would be to talk about the specifics with one of our engineers.

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