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Cannon Technologies

The Global Leader in Data Centers and Enclosure Solutions.

Cannon Technologies design, build, equip and support some of the largest mission-critical infrastructure, data centre, communications, transportation projects in a world today. These include developments in the public and private sectors along with international/national military, commercial and industrial sectors.

Cutting edge solutions

We are the first choice because of our complete coverage of all aspects of infrastructures. We have advanced in-house capabilities in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Enginnering
  • Design
  • Software
  • R&D
  • Electronics
  • Green Technologies
  • Project Management

Apart from a few highly specialised items of equipment – we do not outsource.

Our clients gain direct access to best-in-class power supply, cooling, power transmission, and back up, enclosures and racks, security, management systems, environmental control technology,
and purpose-designed integrated outdoor cabinets, 19″ infrastructure,
data centre build and aisle containment.

We control the entire provisioning cycle and can guarantee to deliver some of the most cost-effective solutions designed for the highest performance – fast.

Above all, through 40 years and more of continuous development, Cannon Technologies retains the flexibility and commitment to provide products & infrastructure custom-designed, where necessary, to meet your organisation’s needs.

The inventiveness within our standard product modular solutions usually minimises the need for major customisation.

We are the full communications, transportation & defense infrastructure product partner you need.

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