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Cannon Bespoke Data Centers

Fully Managed, Turnkey Data Center Project Cannon Technologies has the experience. the resources and the skills to fully mange a new data center project. Each project is taylor made according to requirements and it is therefore not possible to have a “one size fits all” solution. If...


Micro Data Centers

This state of the art system enables deployment of High Density Computing, CCTV, Cell Telco, Network Switching, Card Services or Data Collection. The Cannon Technologies’ Mini and Micro Data Center range is the result of over forty years’ experience. The solutions we offer are constantly developing,...


Cannon Globe Trotter – Soft Ride

With the ‘Soft Ride’ option, all of the attributes of the standard Globe Trotter facility are supplemented by a high performance shock absorbing system mounted within each IT equipment rack. This patented shock attenuation system, cushion and protect mission critical servers and associated equipment, throughout the...


Cannon Globe Trotter

“Cannon GLOBE TROTTER” comprises the small capacity, transportable Modular Data Centre range which is complimentary to “Cannon Data Campus” multi-megawatt modular facilities. Cannon Technologies is a world-leading provider of large and small energy-efficient, modular data centre infrastructure solutions, professional services, and technical support. Our products...


Cannon Data Campus

The Cannon system provides pre-fabricated Modular Data Center halls of any size and various heights. They are quickly built and can be augmented when required....